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World chart centering on Australia and the Pacific, showing North America and with California shown as an island. The chart illustrates the route taken by the English Admiral George Anson on his ship CENTURION in his global voyage between 1740 and 1744. 

The map was engraved by Jean Lattre in 1750 and was published in the French edition of Anson's book A Voyage round the World, in the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III,IV. The book was written by Richard Walter, the chaplin aboard Anson's ship. Anson embarked on his voyage In September 1740. He set off across the Atlantic with six inadequently manned and ill-equipped vessels, intending to capture Spanish treasure ships in the Pacific. He lost three ships rounding Cape Horn and went on to raid Spanish mining settlements on the coast of Chili. Although he and his crew suffered incredible hardships while crossing the Pacific in their one remaining ship CENTURION, Anson captured the so-called "Acapulco" Spanish treasure galleon, NUESTRA SENORA DE COVADONGA near the Philippines. He sold this prize and its cargo for £400,000 in Canton, China; the CENTURION being the first British warship to enter Chinese waters. The cash on board he retained and brought back to England when he returned in June 1744. More than half the original crew of nearly 2,000 men died on the voyage, chiefly of scurvy.


Copperplate engraving.


Size. 238 x 420 mm. (Plate size.)


Later outline hand colouring.


Excellent condition with good margins.


Framed and glazed.



[WORLD CHART]. route que le Centurion ... [1750.]

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