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A Look Into the Life of Seafarers & the Great Age of Maritime Exploration

The romance and vastness of the world’s oceans and ports is a timeless attraction for humankind.   Our maritime navigation history and the vast number of natural history collections accumulated throughout the world evidences that.  

Maritime Antiques in the form of seafarer's furniture, lighting, household and domestic objects, decorative arts, books, photographs, sewing tools, pottery, glass and porcelain, even walking sticks are a testament to and a record of people's fascination with the sea for all of time.

Designed to function at sea or evoke life at sea, Maritime Antiques come in an amazing variety of likenesses; mermaids, shells, sailors, famous mariners, mythical sea creatures, sea birds, every species of marine animal imaginable, fisher men, women and children.

Many are made from marine materials, cameo shell lights, shagreen containers, sea grass boxes, antique whale bone and baleen, mother of pearl jewelry to name just some.

Maritime Antiques give invaluable insight into our social and natural history as well as add beauty to our present world.

At Maritime Art & Antiques, we stock a wide and interesting variety of genuine, superior quality maritime antiques & ephemera.  

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