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Antique Maritime Maps, Charts & Globes

Antique Maritime Maps, Charts and Globes are not only functional and informative, they can also be beautiful artworks.

Take for example the rare and wonderful "A Correct Sea Chart of the Whole World...".  This important sea chart enabled navigators to correct the latitudinal and longitudinal projections of charts that had been popular in the 17th and 18th centuries.  These earlier projections grossly overestimated distances in some parts of Europe making expedition planning difficult and potentially dangerous.  In England a number of mathematicians built on each other's work to solve this problem, inevitably enabling the production of this chart which facilitated accurate planning for world navigation and the expansion of global commerce.  Once hand coloured, mounted and well framed such a chart is an interesting and valuable decorative addition to any room.


Antique Terrestrial and Celestial globes were once essential to mariners and to popular in general society.  Their purpose is the same as that of a map but, being spherical, they do not distort the view. Whether pocket sized or large enough to be a feature in a library or drawing room, antique globes are finely crafted precision objects often made from marine materials such as marine ivory and shagreen.


At Maritime Art & Antiques we stock an interesting collection of superior quality, antique maps, charts and globes. 

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