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The sixth report by the Royal Commission for Outer Ports. Folio. Unbound.

The Commissioners recommended the developement of Welshpool as a port despite citing the competition between rail and sea and threats by the railways to withdraw services if a port was developed. The Commissioners examined the reasons for the failure of the Strzlecki farmers and investigated how a new attempt to closely settle this hill country could succeed. To this end they considered a viable port connected by rail as essential to this success. They looked at ports in Welshpool, Toora and Foster before deciding that Welshpool was the best option. This is the crux of this report.

Copiously illustrated with six folding maps and charts.

1. Sketch Map showing District of Sth. Gippsland.

2. [Map of the Parishes in South Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley.] The parishes being abandoned are noted, such as in the Parish of Binginwarri inscribed "Western & Northern portions of Parish going back."

3. Proposed Pier. Port Welshpool. With a inset locality map showing Welshpool and Port Welshpool and the proposed railway spur line.

4. Corner Inlet. Proposed works - Toora Channel.

5. Corner Inlet. Proposed works. Benison Channel - Foster.

6.Eastern part of Victoria. Large scale folding map. 16 miles to an inch.

Good condition


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