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French edition of the published account by Sir john Staunton of  Lord George Macartney's first British diplomatic mission to China in 1793. Sir John Barrow was the comptroller of Macartney's household and Staunton records many of Barrow's valuable contributions to literature and science connected to China.

Macartney's goals were to open new ports for British trade, the establishment of a permanent embassy in Beijing, the cessation of a small island for British use and the relaxation of the trade restrictions that limited trade in Guangzhou (Canton).

None of these goals were achieved but a greater understanding of the complexity of Chinese culture, politics and its geography was the real result.

6 volumes and a seperate atlas with three hand coloured stipple engraved plates. twenty one plates in total. 8vo.

Marbled boards with leather spines.

Paris 1817.

Published as a component of Bibliotheque portative des Voyages.


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