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Frederic Louis Norden was an officer in the Danish navy. At the behest of King Christian VI of Denmark, he made a trip up the Nile to Sudan in 1737-8. Subject to ill health, (he died of tuberulosis in 1742), the voyage was delayed and cut short when attempting to pass the cateracts near Derr. He returned to Cairo and then to Europe.

His account was published posthumously, in French from the original manuscript in Danish in 1755. Susequent publications in English and German.

The publication was the first attempt at an elaborate description of Egypt. The engravings were considered accurate and the maps less so. The atlas has many double page views of Alexandria and Cairo.

Three volumes of text and one volume atlas. (4 vol) 8vo. French. 1817.

Published in Paris as part of Bibliotheque Portative des Voyages.

Good condition.


VOYAGE D'EGYPTE ET DE NUBIE. Frederick Louis Norden.

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