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The firm of Ulysse Nardin was founded in Switzerland in 1846. They specialized in making complicated watches, pocket chronometers and repeater watches. The son of the founder, Paul David started making marine chronometers in 1875 and the firm continued to make them until the inception of electronic navigation. The current firm that specializes in complex watches has little in common to the production of the original firm, apart from the name.

Their ship's chronometers were of the hightest standard and the firm won most of the significant horological awards of the day for their chronometers.

This two day chronometer was made at the beginning of the Second World War, c1940. It is a two day movement and in our opinion, little used. Unworn original laquer over the brass work. The three part mahogany case, brass bound, is in original condition, the brass bindings still with the original laquer and matches the wear and tear with clock. The movement itself is so original and pristine and in such excellent condition, it looks as if it has hardly ever been wound. The movement, clock face and case are marked with the serial number 3348.

This is a piece for a collector with a connoisseur's eye for the highest quality and the best original condition chronometer that it would be possible to buy.




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