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Finished in the typical Sunderland copper "pink" which was achieved by adding droplets of oil to the copper glazing solution.

The front panel has a fully rigged ship sailing between the figures of a sailor and a woman. It appears to be a very rare transfer. There are a further two panels containing the following homilies.


Be familiar with few.                                 Fear not my Soul

Have Communion with one.                 Be not dismay'd.

Deal Justly with all.                                  For Jesus Christ

Speak evil of none.                                   Thy debt has paid.


The three panels hand coloured in the standard primary palette typical of Sunderland lustreware.

The ship and the panels have not been seen by us before and we believe they are rare.

There is a chip to the foot that is pre-glazing and a minor repair to the pouring lip.

195 mm height over-all.

First half of the nineteenth century.



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