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SANDRIDGE FROM HOBSON'S BAY was published in 1864 as part of Charles Troedel's Melbourne Album. It was issued in twelve monthly parts of two lithographs, the first advertisement for subscribers was placed in the Argus on 25 July 1863 and the last issue finished in November 1864.

It is a fine illustrated record of colonial Melbourne and Victoria during the boom of the gold rush, non-more-so than this view of what is to day's Port Melbourne.

The view is from the sea and shows a busy harbour scene with a multitude of maritime activity, with small gigs and ferries in the foreground. In the background multi-storied warehouses and dwellings line the coast. The harbour has many moored and anchored ships.

The artist was Francis Cogne (1829-83), part of the European diaspora who washed up in Australia attracted by the Victorian gold discoveries. He was the principal artist used by Troedel, who was also a member of the European diaspora.

Tinted lithograph.

Later added hand-colour.

280 x 370 mm. (Between ruled lines).

Some silver fish damage to the top and left side ruled border, expertly repaired.



SANDRIDGE FROM HOBSON'S BAY (1863). [Port Melbourne].

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