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S.S. "Wakool"(1898-1925) was built for the British shipping line Wilhelm Lund. She was used on the English-Australia trade and as an immigrant ship. Later sold to Blue Anchor Line who sold her to P & O who operated her for a few years before selling her to a Japanese shipping line. She was broken up in 1925. The Lund line named their ships after Australian towns. Wakool is on the Victoria - New South Wales border in south/west N.S.W.

The artist C. Kensington is a well regarded English marine artist with a large body of work and he is represented in British institutional galleries as well as the Australian Maritime Museum. 

Watercolour highlighted in white.

Inscribed SS "Wakool" and signed on the lower left.

Image size 150 x 245 mm.

Framed in a colonial Australian frame. 400 x 500 mm. 

S.S. "WAKOOL" C. Kensington. British School. (Active 1880-1920).

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