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Portrait on the S. S. Nordsee, which broke the record for the fastest passage to Melbourne across the Indian Ocean. The ship came to Melbourne twice and was originally called S. S. Thos. with Norwegian registration.

Painted by Reginald Arthur Borstel   Borstel is regarded as the best of the "pierhead painters" working at the end of sail-based commercial shipping in Sydney. He started his painting career in the port of Newcastle and moved to Sydney in 1901. For the first ten years or so, he subcontracted to the Adelaide Photographic Co with the ultimate clients members of the ship's crew.

The S. S. Nordsee was painted in 1905 (ref Shipping News May 2 1905).

Unsigned as normal.

Inscribed Adelaide Photographic Co lower right hand.

Oil on studio board.

460 x 610 mm.


S. S. NORDSEE. [Reginald Arthur Borstel] Oil on board.

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