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The Queenscliff High Lighthouse viewed from the north, overlooking the Lower Lighthouse, with Port Phillip Heads, Point Nepean and Point Lonsdale in the distance. The Queenscliff High Lighthouse was built on Shortland Bluff and is now part of the historic Fort Queenscliff complex guarding the entrance to Port Phillip Bay. Built from local bluestone it is one of three black lighthouses in the world. Given that the light was commissioned in 1862, this engraving must have been prepared from the design drawings and plans.

The centrepiece vignette of a lightweight illustrated writing sheet (TWO SHEETS UNDER HALF AN OUNCE)  captioned A NARRATIVE TO SEND TO FRIENDS. Surrounded by a device portraying aboriginals, miners, colonialists and the produce of the gold-rush colony. Monthly editions were produced between 1850 and 1860 to be sent to family and friends back home in Europe.

this is No 36. Aug. 1859.

The artist was Samuel Calvert who moved from Adelaide to Melbourne at the start of the gold-rush and became the principle engraver for Melbourne Punch as well as freelancing for other publications.

Wood engraving.

Later hand-colour.

Signed Calvert with-in the vignette and again S. Calvert bottom centre.

195 x 210 mm (paper size).


Trimmed and laid down.

Very scarce.



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