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The most wide spread of all the diving petrels. Occurs across the Southern oceans between 35 degrees South and 55 degrees South. Very common around Tasmania and in Bass Strait. Gould makes the observation that the bird is the prey of 'couta, (Thursites atun), an agressive predatory fish common in Australian waters. The birds are pictured feeding off Tasman's Island, Tasmania.

The original letterpress description accompanies this lithograph.


Published in The Birds of Australia. 1840-1848.


Author. John Gould.


Artist.John Gould and Henry Richter.


Lithograph. Original hand colour.


Paper size. 545 mm x 365 mm.


Condition. EXCELLENT.


Acquired from the Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Canada.

PUFFINURIA URINATRIX. [Pelecanoides urinatrix. Common Diving-Petrel.]

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