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Port of Adelaide 1860. Published by Louis Henn & Co. for his series titled “Twenty-one miscellaneous Views of Adelaide", published between 1882 -1884. A busy harbour scene six miles from the town center of Adelaide. The Port for the colony was an integral part of Surveyor General, Colonel William Light’s plan to lay out a functional, healthy settlement for this prototype British free settlement experiment in South Australia under the principles espoused by Edward Gibbon Wakefield. Light searched by ship for the best location of the city and an accessible port was essential.

Louis Henn first set up in Hobart, Tasmania in 1877. He then moved his lithographic printing house to Adelaide, South Australia in 1882. Until 1885 he was located at 76 Currie Street. From 1886 the business relocated to Gouger St. Lithographed by Frederick Sear probably from a photograph. 

Tinted lithograph with some later hand colour.

247 x 330 mm. (Ruled lines).

Good condition.




PORT OF ADELAIDE 1860 [Louis Henn].

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