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A view taken from Lady Martins Beach, Point Piper. Previously known as Eliza Point, the point adopted the name from Captain Piper who had built the most lavish house in Sydney on the point, seen to the left of the engraving.

Frederick Casemero Terry, (1825-1869) was an English artist and engraver who arrived in Sydney in the early 1850's. He gained a good reputation as a water-colour artist and engraver and in 1854 his work was the basis of the illustrated book  Australian Keepsake published by Sands & Kenny in 1855. Due to a mix-up, the attribute for the drawings is assigned to Fleury. He exhibited in the Paris Exhibition in 1855 as part of a group showing of artists working in Australia.


Steel engraving.

Later hand-colour.

110 x 150 mm. Vignette.

Good condition.

Point Piper, Sydney. N.S.W. 1854. Frederick Casemero Terry.

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