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The Eastern Hemisphere with an accurate account all the major land masses. Australia is shown with the discoveries of Tasman and the later seventeenth century Dutch charting. Northern Australia is quite distorted with Cape York and the Gulf of Carpentaria shown as separate from the main land mass of Australia.

Heinrich Scherer, (1628 - 1704) was a Jesuit priest who was the Professor of Hebrew, Mathmatics and Ethics at the University of Dillingen, Bavaria untill 1680 when he became a tutor to the royal family. The map was published in Scherer's ATLAS NOVUS published between 1702 - 10.

Copperplate engraving.


Uncoloured as issued with fold lines. Framed

Crisp, mint condition.

240mm x 188mm. (Between ruled lines).

PLANISPHAERII Aequinochialis Delineatio GEOMETRICA. Heinrich Scherer 1702.

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