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Portsea Quarantine Station as the establishment was more commonly known, was a big establishmet right on the tip of the Nepean Peninsula. It became under control of the Commonwealth of Australia after federation. The Commonwealth continued to run it as a quarantine facility and in1951 converted the premises to the Australian Army's Officer Cadet School, training army officers untill this role was taken over completely by Duntroon in Canberra. It was used as the Army's School of Health untill being transferred to the State of Victoria and becoming Point Nepean National Park in 2009. Some of the buildings are used as a museum.

The plan accomanied the 1875 report on the facility and the report is attached.

260 mm x 380 mm. (printed image).


Later hand colour.

Excellent condition.


Plan of the SANATORY STATION POINT NEPEAN. [1875 PORTSEA Quarantine Station].

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