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CARTE DE LA ... Mr. de Vaugondy ... 1774 ... .

Charts the discovery tracks of the Pacific Ocean explorers prior to 1764 with the information attributed to the important English hydrographer Alexander Dalrymple. Dalrymple was instrumental in the intellectual thinking at the forefront of James Cook's first voyage in the ENDEAVOR to the Pacific Ocean in 1769.

The routes of the earliest European voyages into the Pacific Ocean beginning with Mendana, 1595; Quiros & Torres,1606; Le Maire & de Schouten, 1616; Tasman, 1642 are engraved on the chart. Probably the last major Pacific chart to be published without the imput from James Cook's first voyage.

Copperplate engraving.

Published Paris 1774.

197 mm x 470 mm. Plateline.

Later hand colouring.

Good condition.

... MER DU SUD Vaugondy ... 1774. PACIFIC OCEAN.

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