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A good 2 day marine chronometer made by the sons of Thomas Mercer shortly after their father's death. Serial number 10884, on the clock and case.

The firm of Thomas Mercer was the premier chronometer maker in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and dominated the London wholesale chronometer trade. They made movements for quite a few London and provincial retailers who sold them under their own names. This chronometer was made for the highly regarded firm of A. Johannsen & Co, who variously bought Mercer movements, finished and unfinished and resold them under their own name and in turn supplied finished movements made by Mercer to smaller sellers. In this chronometer Johannsen have sprung and adjusted the movement and retained the Thomas Mercer name.

Mercer's serial numbers are difficult to correlate to production dates after the death of Thomas Mercer Snr. The date is no later than 1920.

In a 2 tier mahogany case, the spray cover with a bevilled glass.

Serviced and in excellent working condition.


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