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King George Sound on the south-west of Western Australia was discovered by Captain George Vancouver in 1791 and named in honour of the English King, George the Third. A wonderful natural harbour, the scene is taken from Mount Clarence, above the site of the city of Albany and overlooks Princess Royal Harbour and out into the Southern Ocean. It was drawn by James Howe Carse, a Scottish landscape artist who arrived in Australia in 1867. He painted and exhibited both in Australia and New Zealand for several years and then became one of the artists travelling around Australia drawing the preliminary scenes for Edwin Carton Booth's "Australia Illustrated." With the completion of this work, Carse settled in Sydney and in 1876 was considered " the best painter in the colony."


Steel engraving.

Later hand-colour.

125 x 175 mm. Image size.

Good condition.

KING GEORGE SOUND. [1874] James Howe Carse. (1819?-1900.)

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