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Jean-Baptiste Tavernier was one of the great seventeenth century travellers. In his youth he travelled widely in Europe. By 1631 he was in Constantinople and later in Persia. Susequent voyages went to India and as far as Java. He was a trader in precious stones and was the most consequential diamond dealer of his age. The Hope Diamond is the recut 116 carat Tavernier Diamond that he sold to Louis XIV, susequently stolen in 1792, again recut and thirty years later re-surfaced in London as the Hope Diamond.

After settling down he published his account of his travels on the wishes of the king.

This work is much prized by historians and geographers for its detailed accounts of the places visited by Tavernier  from 1631 to 1668, and his dealings with politically important persons at a time when reliable reports from the Near East and the Orient were scanty or lacking altogether. Doubt has been cast on Tavernier's accuracy, but ...insofar as gemological information is concerned, Tavernier's observations have also withstood the test of time and are considered reliable.

Six volumes 8vo. Half leather plus a seperate Atlas volume containing a folding map of Asia and twenty two copperplate engravings.

Published as part of  Bibliotheque Portative des Voyages. Paris 1817.

Generally good condition.


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