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John Gould was loathe to add this bird as a seperate species. He was suspicious that the naturalist on H.M.S. FLY, John MacGillivray who supplied the specimens to him, was mistaken in considering it a seperate species from the darker variant. As he had no chance to see the bird in its natural state, he illustrated it as a seperate species, but with the rider in his letterpress that apart from the colour, they were identical birds. Gould's intuition has been proven correct.

The original letterpress description accompanies this lithograph.


 Published in The Birds of Australia. 1840-1848.


Author. John Gould.


Artist. John Gould and Henry Richter.


Lithograph. Original hand colour.


Paper size. 545 mm x 365 mm.


Condition: EXCELLENT. 


Aquired from the Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Canada.

HERODIAS? GREYI : Gray. [Egretta sacra. Pacific Reef Heron or Egret.]

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