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H. M. S. Roebuck came to Australia in 1699 under the command of William Dampier. It explored around North-West Australia, especially around todays Broome. Recognised as the first European scientific voyage to Australia. The ship was in such a poor state that it foundered in 1701 at Ascension Island on the return voyage.

William Dampier was commissioned to undertake a voyage to South East Asia by King William 111. He had previously had a chequered life as a buccaneer and privateer in the Americas and had been on a previous voyage that visited North-West Australia in the vessel Cygnet. A skilled observer, the first printed images of Australian fauna and flora were recorded by Dampier in his account of the voyage as well as detailed ocean current charts and accounts of meteorological observations of trade winds.

John Allcot (1883-1973), was the premier marine artist in Australia in the twentieth century. Based in Sydney, he produced an important body of work and is represented in all major Australian public collections. His etchings are rare.

Signed and inscribed "1st State".

148 x 211 mm. (Plateline).

Good condition.

H. M. S "Roebuck" John Allcot. Etching.

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