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The scarce chart of the central portion of Corner Inlet, Victoria, Australia. The cartographer was Commander Melville Ross R.N., a career marine surveyor who served in the Royal Navy in North America and the West Indies. He was a member of the crew of HMS INVESTIGATOR under the command of Captain Edward Bird in the 1848 unsuccessful search for Franklin in the Arctic. After the loss of the INVESTIGATOR, Ross returned to England and was appointed Marine Surveyor for the Colony of Victoria using the survey ship LALIA

Corner Inlet was surveyed in 1855 and the chart was published in 1862.

Features of the chart are the use of LATROBE ISLAND, the original name for present-day Snake Island, the grid layout of Welshpool with the notation, "Jetty/Yards for shipping cattle". Port Albert and Welshpool, (the two ports at that time in the Inlet), survived entirely by shipping cattle from Gippsland to the Tasmanian and New Zealand markets.

Published by the Department of Lands and Survey, Melbourne, Victoria. 1862.

510mm x 530mm.

Original fold lines with some wear. Flattened.

Uncoloured as issued.


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