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French chart of Corner Inlet, Victoria, Australia according to the 1842 survey by John Lort Stokes when he was in command of HMS BEAGLE. The British policy on foreign editions of their charts, with a few minor provisos, allowed foreign powers to reproduce the British charts without cost. This French chart is a result of this magnanimous policy and is an accurate reproduction of th British Admiralty chart No 1703 published in 1842.

Corner Inlet is the most southern estuary on the Australian mainland. The main body of water is bounded to the south by Wilson's Promontory and to the north by Latrobe or Snake Island. Off the chart and to the west, the Yanakie Isthmus is the boundary. The chart extends eastward to the Seal or Direction Islands, a group of small, almost inaccessible rocky outcrop[s of Wilson's Promontory. Almost all the eastern coast of Wilson's Promontory is charted including Sealer's Cove, Refuge Cove and as far south as the whole of Waterloo Bay.

625 x 440mm. (between ruled lines).

Copperplate engraving.

Uncoloured as issued. Mounted and framed.

A little time-staining but generally good condition.


CORNER INLET . . . 1861.

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