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CHART of COOKS RIVER in the N.W. part of AMERICA. The seminal chart of Cooks Inlet and of the utmost importance for the city of Anchorage. Charted on Cook's final voyage of 1776-1780, the chart shows the track of the ship to its northern extent at the River Turn-again and the site of Anchorage. The charts were prepared for publication after Cook's death by Henry Roberts, a stalwart officer who served on both the second and third voyages of Cook to the Pacific. The chart extends east and includes Prince William Sound and Cape Suckling.

From the official account of the voyage published in 1784.

Copperplate engraving.

237 x 305 mm. (Ruled line).

Slight off-setting as usual otherwise good condition.

. . . COOKS RIVER . . . [Anchorage, Alaska]. James Cook. 1784.

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