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One of the illustrations published in DUPETIT-THOUARS, Abel Aubert (1793-1864) account of the Voyage autour du monde sur la frégate la Vénus, pendant les années 1836-1839. Dupetit-Thouars’ voyage in the Vénus was critical to the establishment of a French colonial presence in the Pacific, as well as for the promotion and protection of French commercial activities around the globe.

‘Dupetit-Thouars’s account of his stay in California, in 1837, is one of the most important and complete records of the Mexican period. In 1838, the Vénus made a run for Easter Island, further investigated the coast of South America, then sailed for the Galápagos and Marquesas Islands, Tahiti and New Zealand. At Tahiti the expedition forced Queen Pomaré to write a letter to the King of France apologising for mistreatment of French priests, to pay an indemnity, and to salute the French flag. He had also made a treaty with Kamehameha III of Hawaii. After visits to Sydney and Mauritius, the ship sailed home, arriving after a voyage of thirty months…’ (Hill).

The Giant Hawkfish inhabits the Pacific coast of Baja California and further south into Central America.

Also illustrated is the Scorpoena fucata, a small scorpion fish.

c. 1840.

Copperplate engraving.

Hand colour.

250 x 390 mm.

Time stained and a few minor paper blemishes.


. . . CIRRHITES RIVULATUS. [Giant Hawkfish]. Voyage . . . La Venus.

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