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The Army & Navy was a cooperative store for officers in the British army and navy. Their stock of chronometers was made by Thomas Mercer Ltd and the number assigned to the chronometer aligned with Mercer's numbers. Mercer was amongst the best English chronometer makers. A large part of their business was supplying chronometers to retailers in various stages of completion. Army and Navy Cooperative Store supplied their own clock dials and cases but the movements were by Thomas Mercer.

A very nice chronometer in the superior three part rosewood case. These cases were made from Brazillian rosewood with solid brass half round quadrants on the corners with the front panels and the lid double strung in brass inlay.

2 day movement. The diall numbered 6942 with that number on the case in an engraved ivory plate. The hands are solid gold. The movement has been serviced and is in perfect condition. The case has a replacement top cover and had some other minor repairs.


CHRONOMETER. ARMY & NAVY C. S. Ld. c1901. No.6942.

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