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Chart of the South Pacific Ocean published in Charles Fleurieu Discoveries of the French in 1768-9 to the South-East of New Guinea . . . (Mainly concerned about the Solomon Islands and the French conceit of important later discoveries). 

Two inset charts both relating to the earlier voyages ofWitfliet and Herrera to the Solomons.

The cartographer was Philippe Buache, successor to the business of Guillaume D'Lisle, his father-in-law. In 1729 he succeeded his father-in-law as a member of the Academie des Sciences.

Shows the South Pacific including eastern Australia and New Zealand according to Cook, the tracks of selected navigators across the Pacific and the West coast of South America.

Fleurieu's work is most uncommon and subsequently this chart is rare.

202 x 367 mm. (Ruled line).

CHART of . . . the SOUTH SEA . . ..c.1791. Philippe Buache.

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