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A superior quality telescope manufactured by the Australian partnership of Carter & Werner. This partnership began in Ballarat and their premises still exist as the gift shop of the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery. Werner was a Dane and came to Ballarat in 1870. His partnership with William Henry Carter continued until Carter's death in 1902 when the firm became Carl Werner and Co.

The telescope's tubes are of silver-plated brass. The body piece is covered in calf leather. the eye-piece and hinged lens-protector are of brass.

Engraved Carter & Werner Melbourne & Ballarat.

This dates the telescope to before 1902 and after the firm opened their Melbourne branch in the late 1890's.

In wonderful condition.

Included is a hessian hand sewn belt case.

Length fully drawn. 600 mm. (23 1/2 inches).

Length closed. 267 mm. (10 1/2 inches).


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