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The 1808 first issue of this important chart. Using the surveys by M.M. Beautemps, hydrographer on the French Dentrecasteaux expedition of 1792 -1793 as a reference, the Freycinet brothers, Louis and Henri revised and refreshed the chart during the Peron - Baudin expedition in 1802. A small quarto atlas was prepared by Louis Freycinet and published in 1808 and this is the source of this chart. It covers  the south-east of Tasmania from its most southern point, (C. Sud), north to present day Bicheno. (C. Bailly).

Both Mathew Flinders and the Peron - Baudin voyage explored and charted Australia simultaneously. Their work overlaps but due to Flinders incarceration on Mauritius, this group of detailed Australian charts pre-dates Flinder's atlas of 1814. They are the most beautifully engraved nineteenth charts of Australia. A larger double folio atlas was issued by the French in 1813, much more substantial than the petit quarto edition of 1808 with some of 1808 charts enlarged and revised.

212 x 167 mm.

Later hand colour.

Good condition.

CARTE ... Sud-Est de la TERRE DE DIEMEN ... Freycinet. 1802

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