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Seperate voyages by George Bass and Mathew Flinders led them to share the view that a body of water seperated the mainland of Australia from Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania). Supported by the Governor John Hunter, in 1798 they set out from Sydney in a small sloop, the NORFOLK , built on Norfolk Island out of the native Norfolk Island Pine. They circumnavigated Tasmania proving the existence of Bass Strait. Governor Hunter named the Strait in honour of Bass.

This chart shows the track of George Bass in his whale boat on the initial voyage of 1797-98, Mathew Flinders' seperate voyage in the schooner FRANCIS  in 1798 and the voyage of Bass and Flinders in the NORFOLK  in 1798-99. 

The British Admiralty issued a seperate chart of the Strait in 1800 and this French edition was issued subsequently. Exact date not known. Issued by the French Depot General de la Marine. Prix Deux Francs.

870 mm x 590 mm. (34 1/4 inches x 23 1/4 inches).

Uncoloured as issued.

Centre fold as issued.

Two or three insignificant spots.




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