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Prepared by the Australian ornithologist Gregory Mathews between 1910 and 1927 and published in his monumental The Birds of Australia. This was the last major ornithological work to be illustrated by hand-coloured lithographs. Mathews spared no expense and employed the renowned Dutch artist, Joannes Keulemans as his artist. Keulemans unfortunately died in 1912  and the later illustrations were by Henrich Gronvold, Herbert Goodchild and other highly regarded natural history artists.

Printed in black and white, the lithographs were handsomely coloured by hand in an edition of 225.

340 x 230mm (paper size).

Drawn by Henrik Gronvold.


Hand-coloured lithograph.

BLUE-BILLED DUCK / OXYURA AUSTRALIS. Gregory Mathews 1910-1927.

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