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A finely finished marine watercolour by the English marine artist Richmond W. Markes, active in the latter nineteenth century. Little is recorded of his life, however his works come onto the market with some frequency. Markes was a very accomplished watercolourist and this picture has bright vibrant colour with vivid use of azure to the sky and the sea. The artist has captured the boisterous sea and the passage of the Custom's Cutter through the waves.

Her Majesties Revenue Cutters ( now known as Her Majesties Custom Cutters), intercepted ships at sea and inspected both inward and outward bound vessels to ensue that they complied with the customs regulations in force. Purely and simply they were revenue collectors and existed to prevent smuggling and avoidance of duties and taxes. They were fast, sea-hardy vessels, lightly armed with an uninterupted deck. Post 1840, Britain became a free trading nation and the importance of revenue collection in the form of excise and tariffs virtually ceased and the era of Revenue Cutters passed into history.

200 x 480mm. (Actual watercolour).

Lettered line wash mount and framed.

Dated 1860 on mount.

Excellent condition.



"A Revenue Cutter off Newhaven". R. Markes. Watercolour.

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