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The first English chart of the Pacific Ocean. California shown as an island. The discoveries of Tasman's voyages, undertaken under instruction from the VOC (Dutch East India Company) are detailed. The southern portion of van Dieman's Land is clearly defined and named. Further to the east, the west coast of New Zealand (States Land) is defined and further north, Fiji, all first discovered by Tasman.

The 1576 Spanish discoveries in the eastern Pacific, principally the Solomon Islands by Mendana and recorded by Hernand Galego are correctly positioned. A fictious chain of islands stretching south-east from the Solomons are attributed to Galego. Japan and the north Pacific Ladrones are shown.

The west coast of the Americas from the semi-fictious Strait of Anian (Fretum Anian) in the north, south to Magellan's Strait with geographical features named. Although some elements have been identified as being derived from an earlier Dutch map by Jansson, Seller's chart is unique in covering the Gulf of Mexico and parts of the east coast.

Seller became the hydographer to the King in 1671, an unusual appoinment given he had been accused in 1662 of high treason, He went on to publish maritime atlases which led to his appointment as hydrographer. His family joined the business and he can be seen as the major influence in London mapmaking.

Rare first edition of the first English chart of the Pacific Ocean.

Original period colour. A little rubbing to the bottom left corner otherwise a good example.

430 x 535mm.

A Chart of the South - Sea by John Seller [1675].

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