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Published in "Histoire Generale des Voyages", authored by Antoine Francois Provost.

Surat is one of the largest cities in India and was once a major port. It is on thr river Tapti, in the state of Gugurat, Western India. Today it is the centre of the world diamond cutting trade. The Portuguese attempted to take control in 1512. The Ahmedabad King, Sultan Mahmud Shah 111 built the Fort in the 1530's to prevent the Portuguese invasion. The city became part of the area controlled by the British East India Company after 1720, subsequent to them becoming the dominant force after a trading tussle with the French.

The view looks across the Tapti River toward the Surat Fort. European sailing vessels are on the river.


Copperplate engraving.

Later hand colouring in vibrant period colour.

183 x 275 mm. Plate size.

VUE DE SURATE. [C.1750. Gujurat, India].

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