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This little petrel has several common names. Most commonly called the White-faced Storm-petrel, it is also called the Frigate Petrel. Seaman refer to it as Mother Carey's Chicken, a corruption from the French, Mater Cara. 

It is an oceanic bird, common to both the northen and southern hemispheres and only lands to breed.

Gould recorded it on his voyage to and from Australia.

The original letterpress page accompanies this lithograph.



Published in The Birds of Australia. 1840-1848.


Author. John Gould.


Artist. John Gould and Henry Richter.


Lithograph. Original hand colour.


Paper size. 545 mm x 365 mm.


Condition. EXCELLENT.


Acquired from the Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Canada.




THALASSIDROMA MARINA : Less. [Pelagodroma marina. Mother Carey's Chickens.]

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