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Milson's Point is immediately opposite Sydney Cove on the North Shore. The Sydney Harbour Bridge northern pylon is on the point. Named after James Milson, a free settler who took up land here in 1824.

Frederick Casemero Terry, (1825-1869) was an English artist and engraver who arrived in Sydney in the early 1850's. He gained a good reputation as a water-colour artist and engraver and in 1854 his work was the basis of the illustrated book  Australian Keepsake published by Sands & Kenny in 1855. Due to a mix-up, the attribute for the drawings is assigned to Fleury. He exhibited in the Paris Exhibition in 1855 as part of a group showing of artists working in Australia.


Steel engraving.

Later hand-colour.

113 x 165 mm. Vignette.

Good condition.

SYDNEY FROM MILSON'S POINT. 1854. Frederick Casemero Terry.

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