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Published in the Picturesque Atlas of Australasia in 1886. The Atlas was a part of the world-wide phenomenon of publishers producing books of views and selling them in parts by subscription. It was produced and financed by American publishers under the name of the Picturesque Atlas Publishing Co Limited, Sydney and Melbourne. They commissioned the best Australian artists and imported their own as well to draw the views. It was a comprehensive survey of Australia's colonial history combined with commissioned contemporary views. It was not a financial success but resulted in some of the more iconic late nineteenth views and maps of Australia.

Port Albert was the first settlement in eastern Victoria and was founded as a port to service the nascent livestock trade of Gippsland. Gippsland was isolated from the central and western areas of Victoria by a swampy morass known as the Koo-wee-rup Swamp. The town founders had a contract to supply beef and sheep to the Van Dieman's Land Commissariat supplying the prison establishment at Port Arther. They built port facilities and traded with Gippsland squatters. By 1886 the town was dependent on the growing fishing industry and the landing of explosives and heavy mining equipment for the Walhalla gold fields.


Wood engraving. Vignette.


Later hand-colouring. Mounted.


85 x 110 mm. Engraved surface. Mounted.




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