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A great chart of the Pacific Ocean prior to Cook's first voyage with the information supplied by Alexander Dalrymple, the British Hydrographer responsible for much of Cook's sailing instructions. The information supplied by Dalrymple relates to discoveries prior to 1764. In most respects the continent of Australia reflects the form of Thevenot's Terre Australie and Emanuel Bowen's Southern Continent rather than the speculative Terres Australes of Nicolas Bellin.

Produced by the French cartographer Robert De Vaugondy in Paris in 1774 and published in 1787.

Copperplate engraving.

183 x 468 mm. (between ruled lines).

Uncoloured as issued.

Fold lines as issued.

A little time staining but generally good condition. 

. . . MER DU SUD . . . 1774. De Vaugondy.

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