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Frederick Halpern (b.1909) was a noteworthy twentieth century artist and writer. Halpern studied painting and printmaking techniques in both Vienna and Paris. Well travelled, he visited Egypt in 1926 and during the following years he journeyed throughout Africa and Asia. During the Italian-Abyssinian war he was arrested by the Italian army for helping refugees escape to the Sudan. He also attempted to join the British army at the outbreak of World War 2 but was refused because of his nationality. Frederick Halpern came to Australia in the early 1950's. He also extensively visited New Zealand, Java, Bali and other countries. He wrote and illustrated a number of fine books upon these lands in both English and German. As an original etcher Frederick Halpern was gifted in both colour and black and white techniques. Stylistically, his colour aquatints contain elements of his Austrian artistic heritage, and are comparable to the great Austrian aquatint artists of the preceding generation, such as Luigi Kasimir, Hans Figura and Max Pollack. 

Halpern's prints are included in many Australian public and private collections, including that of the National Gallery of Australia.

Grande Baie is at the north west of Mauritius and a centre for the tourist trade.


Aquatint and etching.

258 x 328 mm. (Plateline.)

Numbered 10/50.

Signed Halpern and inscribed Grande Baie in colour pencil.

Mint condition.

Grande Baie (Mauritius). [Frederick] Halpern.

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